Perturbations of the carbon cycle in high-mountain watersheds under a more intermittent hydrology

On average, climate change (CC) is affecting high mountain ecosystems more severely than in the rest of the world, causing recurrent hydrological disturbances. However, due to their inaccessibility, current models of the carbon cycle (C) rarely incorporate the role of hydrology and biogeochemistry (or their interaction) in high mountain basins. This limitation makes it difficult to gain a thorough understanding of how these basins work and therefore our ability to anticipate how a more intermittent future will change their roles in the wider C cycle. CARBINTER's general objective is to understand how hydrological intermittence affects the transport and reactivity of C through the landscape continuum (from the soils to the rivers downstream) to the high mountain basins.

Duration: September 2022 - August 2024

Funding Agency: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

LOOP participants: Lluís Gómez Gener, Jordi Catalan, Lluís Camarero

Coordinator : Lluís Gomez Gener

Participant institutions: CREAF, CEAB-CSIC