Plankton net lrKeys to understand the transfer of the atmospheric forcing to the dynamics of lacustrine planktonThe footprint of global change shows up in multiple indicators. As evidence accumulates, some paradoxes also emerge. At multiannual time scales, one intriguing aspect is why some ecosystems seem to follow more closely indicators of general atmospheric dynamics (e.g., CO2 increase, hemispheric mean annual temperature) than the local weather and deposition records. Pathways of mechanistic causality must exist that explain the apparent paradox. Probably, they are related to processes of a different characteristic reaction and renewal times. One of the systems in which the phenomenon has been observed is the plankton of remote lakes. The TRANSFER project aims to address this issue and provide an integrated view of the transfer of atmospheric fluctuations to the planktonic system of lakes in remote areas to understand the apparent paradoxes.

Duration: 2017-2019

Funding Agency: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad

LOOP participants: Jordi Catalan, Lluís Camarero, Marisol Felip, Berta Fueyo, Sergi Pla, Rober Sánchez.

Coordinators: J. Catalan (CREAF), L. Camarero (CEAB)

Participant institutions: CREAF, CEAB-CSIC