I'm a limnologist. My research is focused on the biogeochemistry of aquatic systems. In particular, I'm interested in the identification of the effects of environmental changes on the biogeochemical processes in high mountain catchments.

I use two approaches in my research: studies on the contemporary limnological processes: lakewater physio-chemistry and coupled biological processes; influence of the catchment on lake and stream dynamics, and paleoenvironmental reconstructions on the basis of the biogeochemical composition of sediments.

 I have participated in 12 international and 22 national projects (4 as coordinator). I'm author or coauthor of 68 articles (58 SCI) in peer-reviewed international journals, 4 scientific divulgation articles, 11 chapters in scientific monographies and books, and 50 contributions to national and international congresses and symposia. I have supervised one Ph. D. thesis.

Since 2009, I'm the institutional representative in ICP-Waters (a programme under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollutants) on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Environment.