Last summer and autumn we have had a busy time doing field work in the lakes of the REPLIM network.

REPLIM 170901 batimetria Sarrad 025 lr

We have mapped the bottom of the lakes using an ultra light system: a Deeper PRO+ ecosounder with wifi connection to a smartphone for recording geo-referenced depth data. A bathymetric map is drawn in real time.

REPLIM 170901 batimetria Sarrad 031 R lr

REPLIM 171025 mostratge Sarrad 002












We use a Ruttner sampler to take samples of the water column from an inflatable boat.

REPLIM 171020 mostratge Contraix 017

REPLIM 170901 batimetria Sarrad 027 lr

140722 Trampes deriva  barca  Contraix 029 R lr

130814 Llong sota aigua 014 R lr

130814 snapshot boia







































In each lake, we have installed buoys from which the sediment traps and thermistor chains are hanging. The buoys are 0.5 m underwater in order to not to get caught within the ice cover in winter.

REPLIM 170920 batimetria Contraix 021 R lr

REPLIM 170920 batimetria Contraix 016 R lr