Meddia Aranés - CatRadio 1/04/2013

Entrevista a Berta Fueyo i Lluís Camarero sobre el laboratori del LOOP

Interview with Berta Fueyo and Lluís Camarero. Berta and Lluís explain how is the work done at the LOOP's lab.

Meddia Aranés - CatRadio 15/05/2011

Entrevista a Lluís Camarero sobre les activitats del LOOP

Interview with Lluís Camarero. Lluís explains the most recent activities of LOOP: new projects, studies and significance of the  atmospheric deposition of reactive nitrogen onto the ecosystems, and launching of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) node in the Aigüestortes National Park in consortium with researchers from CSIC, UB, UAB, IC3 and CREAF.

El temps del Picó - BTV 11/10/2012

La deposició atmosfèrica afecta el funcionament ecològic dels estanys pirinencs

Alfred Rodríguez Picó interviews Lluís Camarero in his TV show on BTV. Lluís talks on the recent results published in Nature Communications. Atmospheric fluxes of N and P affect the ecological functioning of high mountain lakes in the Pyrenees in an unsuspected way. Follow the link to see the interview, at minutes 18:35-25:20.

Telenotícies - TV3 30/01/2012

L'escassedat de neu afecta les reserves d'aigua

Snow is arriving very late this season at the Pyrenees. By the end of January the amount of snow in the mountains is well below the average, and the water supply to lowlands during the spring thaw is at risk. TV reporters climbed to lake Redon together with LOOP's researchers during one of the regular field trips to monitor the ice cover of the lake. Still only a thin layer of clear ice covers the lake, when a thicker snow and ice cover could be expected.

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