La Mañana 20/07/2011

Ribagorça Romànica becará estudiantes para analizar 550 lagos

The Association Ribagorça Romànica will award 6 undergraduated and graduated students in biology and environmental sciences with grants to participate in the NITROPIR project. The students will collaborate in the synoptic survey that the LOOP will carry out in 500 Pyrenean lakes in order to analyse the changes produced in the water chemistry by the human N emissions

El Mundo-El País-Segre 05/06/2011

Los expertos detectan residuos de contaminación urbana en diversos lagos aislados de los Pirineos

El CSIC detecta contaminación urbana en lagos del Pirineo

Several newspapers reported the last findings of LOOP regarding the long-range trace metal contamination detected in the Pyrenees: "The experts detect traces of urban contamination in several isolated lakes in the Pyrenees" (El Mundo); "The CSIC detects urban contamination in Pyrenean lakes" (El País, Segre)

Diari de Girona 02/06/2011

Els estanys de muntanya, un indicador de la contaminació de l'home

In her Ph.D. Thesis presented at the University of Girona, the LOOP's researcher  Montserrat Bacardit shows how remote mountain areas are afected by toxics originated by human activities

Segre 12-16/05/2010

Un lago de Aran, en un estudio del padre del genoma humano. Millones de bacterias viajan a California

The Sorcerer II made a stop in Barcelona's harbour in its cruise aroud the world collecting DNA to sequence the genome of the oceans. During the pause, some researchers from the Craig Venter Institute made a tour on land to collect also samples from freshwater ecosystems in collaboration with local scientists. Among other places they visited Lake Redon.

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