Espai Terra - TV3 19/10/2010

Anem amb en Salvador Sala a comprovar la puresa de les aigües dels llacs i rius d'alta muntanya

TV3 reporter Salvador Sala accompanied a LOOP's  team right to the middle of lake Redon, where the scientists run tests to assess the pollution levels. Levels that one would not a priori suspect in these apparently pristine paradises. Follow the link to watch the report at minutes 0:56-1:30 (intro) and 5:10-12:30 (main footage).

Segre 13/07/2013

Vielha i el CSIC impulsen l'observatori de llacs del Pirineu

The Municipality of Vielha-Mig Aran and the CSIC will collaborate to promote the investigations carried out by the LOOP at the Center for High Mountain Research located. The Center is located in Aran and next year its 30th aniversary will be celebrated. The municipality is involved in an international project to spread the concern about the sustainable use of water among citizens.

El Dia de Castilla la Mancha 18/11/2012

El cambio climático y la alteración de los lagos

A study by LOOP researchers shows that human activities and the global change have direct consequences on high mountain lakes. The work has detected an increase in the atmospheric phosphorus that is deposited on the lakes, and the results prove changes in their chemical composition. Since the 80's, the human impact has produced also an increase in the atmospheric deposition of nitrogen.

La Vanguardia 21/08/2011

Los Pirineos no se escapan a la polución

An indicator of pollution: the researcher Montse Bacardit has discovered that the almost inaccesible mountain lakes of the Central Pyrenees and their catchments are polluted by a suite of metals potentially toxic to the ecosystem. Montse Bacardit is graduated in Biology by the University of Barcelona. In her Ph.D. Thesis she has studied the pollution in high mountain catchments.

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