Diario de Navarra 16/05/2016

España, Francia y Andorra luchan contra el cambio climático en los Pirineos

Four projects of the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change (OPCC) have been awarded with european funds. Thanks to this funding the OPCC will carry out during the next three years an action plan for the adaptation to Climate Change. This consolidates the Observatory as the most relevant transboundary cooperation initiative between Spain, France and Andorre on this matter. Read the new on the newspaper.

Irekia 27/05/2016

El Observatorio Pirenaico desarrollará durante los próximos tres años un plan de adaptación al cambio climático

The OPSS2 project and its four associated projects funded by the POCTEFA 2014-2020 programme. The Pyrenean Observatory aims to monitor the Climate Change in the Pyrenees to help the territory to adapt to its effects. Is the transboundary cooperation initiative more relevant in which the basque Country participates within the Working Community of the Pyrenees. Read the new on the web site.

Aragón Digital - 16/05/2016

Europa respalda al Observatorio Pirenaico del Cambio Climático

The project of the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change, promoted by the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP), will receive 763K Eur from the European POCTEFA funds. Its four associated projects will receive another 2.3M Eur. Read the new on the e-newspaper. 

Oficina Catalana del Canvi Climàtic 23/05/2016

L'Observatori Pirinenc del Canvi Climàtic rep més de tres milions d'euros del fons FEDER per a projectes

The European Commission co-funds a 65% of the works for adaptation to climate change of the Pyrenean Observatory (OPCC2), and its four associated projects. The catalan government (Generalitat) and other eight catalan partners will benefit from the grants to advance knowledge on climate, forests and flora. Read the new on the OCCC web site.

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